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Juliana and me

Juliana and me

Lead me - Sanctus Real 

Mirotic by DBSK

*U-know is so HOT! He’s definitely under my skin ;P


Today Vit and I had a conversation about our future kids having to do some chores. Apparently, he thinks I’m going to be a terrible mother if I make them do chores starting at age 8-9. He thinks kids should start doing chores at age 13. 13? That is too late! By then they won’t even do any chores.

Girl you need to eat!!


Something is definitely wrong with me today…

I only ate once
I only drank one bottle of water
and my head is about to explode…

I have no idea what is going on, but it needa stop! LOL

Double rainbow.

Double rainbow.

Carly Rose on XFactorUSA singing BrokenHearted by Karmin.